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Meet Pyrus: A Showit Template for Photographers

September 29, 2021

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Kaitlyn is a designer based in California and Italy.

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Pyrus is the latest gem to grace my signature Showit template collection. Carefree, crisp, and fanciful, Pyrus is a beautiful pairing of easy-going style and effective design that turns hesitant browsers into here-just-take-my-money! dream clients.

The inspiration behind Pyrus

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about living in France. Paris would be nice to visit, but the sea has my heart. I’d absolutely looove to live along the balmy southern coastline. (Marseille or Nice, perhaps???)

I can also imagine myself getting away from the bustle of the city and spending peaceful stretches of time in the countryside. It sounds dreamily idyllic, doesn’t it? I can just feel golden sunlight slowly tanning my skin, warm summer breezes tinged with sweetness, lazy picnic lunches in a meadow… 

At the moment my passport is dismally collecting dust in a drawer somewhere (ooof 😑), but I still wanted to capture that feeling of carefree warmth and fresh possibility. So, here’s Pyrus: a visual love letter to my latest travel dream, and another reinforcement of my belief that when it comes to design, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for strategy.

Elevate your brand with the Pyrus template

Even though I let my imagination wander and run wild when it comes to the inspiration and the visuals of the designs I create, I always have a bigger purpose in mind when it comes to how they’ll be used out in the world. 

There’s so much transition and change going on in the world today. So many of the creative service providers that I’ve spoken to or been around lately have expressed the need to embrace these shifts and allow for their businesses to evolve with the times. For some that’s refreshing their brand to breathe new life into it, for others that’s finding ways to better attract and connect with their ideal clients.

Overall, I saw a trending need for creative service providers to have an easy and budget-friendly way to elevate the look and feel of their businesses. As a creative business owner, I know you’d rather be out doing what you love instead of fussing with your website, so I designed a template with that in mind.

Who is Pyrus for?

Pyrus was crafted specially for photographers looking for a fresh, minimal design that’ll elevate their brand.

Even though Pyrus, was designed with photographers in mind, it’s still a great template for other creative service providers, like event planners, makeup artists, or florists.

How Pyrus Can Help

Showcase Your Talent

There are several galleries throughout the template so you can put your work front and center to highlight your talent. 

Get Your Clients to Book

Pyrus has a simple, fluff-free layout that makes it easy for your future clients to find the info they need to book with you.

Connect With Your Dream Clients

This template comes with a fully built out blog so you can share your inspiration, behind the scenes, tips or whatever else you’d like to connect with your audience.

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